Motley Fool 1999 Charity Drive

[Note: This information relates to our 1999 charity drive. See what we're up to this year.]

Have you benefitted from stellar market returns this year? How about sharing a little with those in need? The Motley Fool is pleased to offer our readers the opportunity to contribute to our 1999 charity drive. You'll find below all the information about our drive and how you can help.

September 27th, 2000 Update
The Charities Check In
Find out how our five 1999 Foolanthropy charities used your donations.

January 31th Update
We Did It!
Our 1999 Foolanthropy drive really exceeded expections, thanks to you. Here are the final numbers on the money we raised for charity together.

January 5th Update
Thanks, Generous Fools!
Wow! You raised over $500,000 for the five charities you selected for this year's Foolish charity drive.

December 30th Update
Half-a-Million, Here We Come!
The Foolanthropy charity drive ends tomorrow! We could break $500,000 with your help, Fool.

December 22nd Update
10 Days Left to Give!
See how far we've come and how far we have to go in this year's charity drive. Generous Fools will match your gift if you contribute by the 27th.

The Five Charities
On November 23rd, we announced our five finalists to the Fool community. Find out who the five charities are and what they're all about.

Donate Online
Ready to donate? You can do it safely online by clicking the above link.

Donate Stock or By Check
If you'd rather mail in a check or donate shares of stock, you'll find information on how to do so here.

Tax Benefits of Contributing Stock
There are tax benefits to donating stock to charity. Fool Roy Lewis explains.

The Call for Nominations
It all began with you, Fools. We asked you to nominate charities for our '99 drive. And nominate you did. Read our drive launch announcement here.

What Is Foolanthropy?
What makes a charitable organization Foolish? What should Fools look for in a charity? David Gardner explains in his introduction to Foolanthropy.

Discuss Foolanthropy
Talk about the drive, learn more about these charities, and maybe find another charity you'd like to become involved with on our Foolanthropy message board.

Last Year's Drive
This is the Fool's third charity drive. Find out how we did last year.