Charity Drive Final Update

Congratulations, Fools, for an incredibly successful ending to The Motley Fool's second annual charity drive.

If you've been reading these weekly updates, you'd know that with one day left in 1998 and in our charity drive, we were very close to beating last year's total of $122,382.47. We were about $4,000 short. In the December 30 update, I wrote: "Dare we hope for $125,000? $130,000?"

I must confess that I amended those figures just prior to publication. I had wanted to say: "Dare we hope for $130,000? $150,000?" But I feared that those numbers were far too optimistic -- especially with one day left in the drive. Boy, was I wrong. (For once, I was happy to be proved wrong.)

Here are the final numbers (drum roll please):

Total Number of Generous Fools: 1,428
Total Contributions: $195,056.88 (excludes "Here's My Two Cents" message board posts)
Total From Message Board Posts: $1,382.36 (69,118 posts x $0.02)
Grand Total: $196,439.24

This means the number of participating Fools nearly doubled from last year's total of 792 donors. And the grand total was $74,000 more than last year -- roughly a 60% improvement. All I can say is we raised $46,000 more than my wildest expectations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the Fools who took the time to make a contribution -- however big or small -- to Share Our Strength. Collectively, we're really making a difference in the fight against hunger.

I for one am looking forward to the Fool's third annual charity drive. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding The Motley Fool charity drive, feel free to vent -- I mean, share your thoughts with us on the SOS message board.

Again, thank you so much for investing in giving.

-- Yi-Hsin Chang (TMF Puck)

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