The Fool FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions We Can't Answer

The Fool FAQ

What stock should I buy (or sell or hold)? Where is the market going? Is this the right time to buy? Is this stock a good investment? What do you think of my portfolio? What should I do about... my personal finances? my mother's personal finances? my dismal love life?

Seriously, we don't recommend individual stocks and we won't even provide opinions on them via email. We can't legally provide any kind of one-on-one personal financial advice via email, either. (And you don't want our advice on your love life!) On the message boards, you can conduct an open discussion with other interested Fools, which is often more helpful than one person's opinion. Most of the good advice the staff has to offer is already online somewhere, and we will be happy to help you find it, but personal advice is a no-no. Sorry.

By the way, you will find many, many people on the message boards who are very eager to answer all of those questions for you, especially the ones about what stock you should buy. Please see Our Disclaimer or what we think about that.

Other questions that we are remarkably inept at answering are those that your broker (or insurance salesman or financial advisor) is the logical person to ask about. Like:

How can I get a quote for the mutual fund he sold me? What does it cost to close my account? How do I use my broker's website? Why the heck did he sell me this dog?

We just don't know those kinds of things. (Well, the answer to the last one is fairly obvious -- he was paid to do so.) But our Discount Brokers Message boards may offer a way to get a feel for how broker websites work in general by discussing the question with other readers.

How can I find option quotes? Can you recommend a good commodities trading book? What are tax liens? Are they good investments?

Options, futures, commodities, tax liens, limited partnerships -- there are many, many "investment" vehicles and schemes out there, many of which offer you worse odds than Las Vegas and no free drinks, either. We may or may not know much about them, but if you ask, you will probably just get a lecture on the advantages of buy and hold, fundamental investing vs. various get rich quick schemes.