Auto Insurance

Q: What's the best way to get the best deal on auto insurance? -- R.S., via the Internet

A: A car that is titled only under a student's name will have to have its own insurance policy. So the best way to get the best deal is to stay on your parents' policy. If you're lucky, Mom and Pop will keep paying the premiums for you, since they still have that need to protect their little birdie even though you're halfway out of their nest.

You'll want to check whether the insurance company offers "children away at school" credits. This feature is sometimes available to students who are on their parents' policy and who go to school more than 150 miles from home. Students pay the same lower premiums they would if they were married -- usually a savings of about 25 percent. Needless to say, this provides one of the benefits of marriage without the hassles -- no spouse needed!

In any event, you'll want to shop around. Get quotes from more than one agent, since rates can vary greatly