Tuesday, January 12, 1999

I'd Rather Be In a Convertible
(A Euro Paean Job)

by OilyFool

Lira, Lira, off The Wall
Street Journal ne'er more shall fall;
3 Musketeers� no longer gall
When priced in Euros: one for all!

One peseta, Two peseta, Three peseta, Four:
We don't have to mess with Deutsch-marks anymore!
Five peseta, Six peseta, Seven peseta, Eight:
Even Franco's name could transubstantiate!

Sing a song of Sixpence,
The Brits'll come around;
Their Sterling reputation
We'll tell 'em to go Pound.

And the Fighting Irish,
With Hyperboric flair,
Won't kick when ev'ry Punt
Goes tumbling through the Eire.

Ring around the Rubles;
A pocketful of new bills:
Cashless, cashless,
The Wall fell down.

Rah! Rah! Give a shout
As good news from Brussels sprout!
�sterreich knew what to do:
Heads held high, they went EMU!

Two, Four, Six, Eight
Currencies won't fluctuate;
Neither will a further Three:
See how EC this will be?

Kroner; Guilder; Drachmae, too:
Euro's sandwiched them for you,
Folding Member States' money
Into Single Currency!

For we can't beat Euros
Just for one day (with apologies to David Bowie),

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