Monday, January 25, 1999

Foolish Lessons Learned

by Hunzi

This isn't the sort of Fribble I've written before. I've written a little story on a friend's experience with renter's insurance, and a little parody on Dr. Seuss. This time I'm writing about something a little more personal.

My family is facing a possible financial challenge. We may experience a period of time where my husband's income is lower than what we are accustomed. My husband is, of course, concerned (okay, that's an understatement). Once, I would have been worried too, but that was before I became Foolish. Yes, things might be different for a while, but I've learned some things here at The Motley Fool, that will keep this challenge from becoming a crisis.

What have I learned in the past year?

I went to Fool's School.
I learned about many types of portfolios.
I learned how to lower the rates on our credit cards.
I learned many tips on living below our means.
I learned how to save money on our auto insurance.
I learned that there is a place women can learn about investing.
I learned some tips on being self-employed.
I even found places to discuss being a parent, new recipes, and healthy living.

Thanks to the things I learned at the Fool in times of tranquility, I know what to do now in the times of our challenge, and I can look Foolishly into the future and know we will be just fine.

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