Monday, February 02, 1999

The Un-Foolish

by Kent Lowry

If all of us who regularly read/study/practice the information dispensed daily from The Motley Fool web site are "Foolish," then what do we call those who don't visit The Motley Fool? Do we call them "The Wise"?

We all know who the Wise are and where they work, so I don't think we can fairly call these others Wise.

No, I'm talking about all those people who haven't found the Fool yet -- those people who go to work everyday, maybe have a little money left over after payday to put into a bank (cough!) savings account, or their trusty credit union, or maybe even a 401(k) or 403(b) investment plan. I'm talking about all those hard-working people who just do their jobs everyday, rush to see their kids or friends' kids soccer or basketball or baseball game after work, then rush home to cook or go to a local fast-food drive-thru, watch a little T.V., go to bed, get up in the morning and... do it all over again!

I'm talking about middle-class America, the backbone of our society. Do we insult them by calling them Wise? I don't think so. Until they find us, let's just call them "The un-Foolish"!

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