Friday, February 12, 1999

The Gift of Education

by Evelyn Luecke

As a public school educator with 25 years of experience, a life-long learner (I'm good at both), and a passionate investor (trying to put it all together), I offer that the Fool's heart and soul is the gift that it offers each one of us: the motivation to learn.

There is nothing more exciting than the "light switch" in our mind saying, "WOW! I get it!" That's what a P/E is, or that's what they mean when they say buying a good company at a good price.

The motivation to learn is something we have at birth -- every one of us! We learn to be interested in math, playing sports, investing, or anything else. As our motivation increases and we begin to learn the journey of failure and success -- trial and error begins. This is what helps us grow as learners and people.

At this point, The Fool steps in and applies the principles of learning to help us get it. Educational research is backing up what the Fools do.

Excellent teachers consistently offer a sincere expectancy that the person can learn effectively. The Fools communicate clearly, saying "Yes you can." They are building your confidence that you can take control of your money, and learn how to invest wisely.

Excellent teachers don't give you the answers -- they give you the tools to experience the success of learning. This, of course, can be seen in The Fool's School.

Excellent teachers make the process of learning as enjoyable as possible. The Fool encourages us to join investment clubs, which not only make investing easier, but often create great friendships -- what could be more fun?

So my fellow investors, the words EDUCATE - AMUSE - ENRICH at the top of every page on are a valuable lifelong gift that they give us and we give each other. The gift of helping people feel motivated, interested, and excited about learning is powerful indeed!

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