Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Too Much of a Good Thing

by Jeff Campbell

We all know that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. You might be wondering, "Am I spending too much time at The Motley Fool website?" To help you make this determination, I've developed some guidelines:

Ten Signs You're Spending Too Much Time at The Motley Fool

10. You know more about what Jacki's (RecoveringFool's) kids did this week than your own.

9. When a friend suggests a financial website to check out, you snap, "I've got my own stash, I mean fix, ahem, err, I mean, I have my own source of online financial information, thank you."

8. You're disappointed there's only 10 new messages on NADA, even though you just checked it 10 minutes ago.

7. You can rattle off the URL to post #10355 on the LBYM (Living Below Your Means) board.

6. A friend tells an amusing anecdote at work. You say, "Nice Fribble," and wonder why your co-workers look at you like you're from another planet.

5. You can name the last four locations from AmandaHugginkiss' ever-changing profile.

4. You start adding the initials "TMF" to your signature, or start decorating your signature with a jester cap.

3. You wish The Fool would add "Mid-morning Snack News," "Tea-time News," and "Warm Milk Before Bed News" because, darn it, Breakfast, Lunch, & Evening just aren't enough!

2. The FoolMart techies are considering devoting an entire server to keep track of your ordering history.

1. Tom & David Gardner start asking you for book ideas.

If these apply to you, perhaps you should think about taking a break from staring at the computer screen. You could possibly try to get outside a bit more. Why not head down to the bookstore and pick up the latest Fool book? Just use these guidelines to moderate yourself. Perhaps the next addition to the Fool's School will be a 12-step program.

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