Thursday, March 11, 1999

It's All in The Visual Aids!

by (Jacki Stirn)

I finally figured out the missing link in teaching at least one of my kids about investing. Anyone who's read much of my stuff (posts and Fribbles) knows that my kids have been immersed in investing discussions. My 11-year-old often complains that it's all we talk about at dinner (and he's probably right). So if, like me, you are trying to teach you kids about investing, I have found the missing link -- it's all in the visual aids!

The ones that worked for me with my 15-year-old, Skiguy, can be difficult to find and use. But they work better than anything else I've tried. What is it that works? Two guys, wearing jesters caps, who entertain and amuse and instruct on how to get enriched. They had Skiguy's attention from the time they walked into the room at the Tattered Cover Bookstore for an official Fool book signing the other night. They added heavily to their value as visual aids when they talked to him as they signed his book. Skiguy was talking about learning about investing all the way home.

Skiguy pointed out that these guys knew how to talk about stuff that was important -- and they knew how to make it humorous. I had laid some of the groundwork, but thanks, Tom and David, for closing the deal!

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