Monday, March 22, 1999

The Louis Rukeyser Wink

by Ed Bronstein

My TV time is Friday night when viewing's at its peak
It's then I watch uplifted, the famous Wall Street Week.
But as each show is ending, my heart begins to sink
For I dread the final moment when poor Louis has to wink.

Yes, Louis, Lou Rukeyser, a fascinating guy
But as he ends each program something happens to his eye
A momentary spasm, I don't know what to think
All I know is that I worry while waiting for the wink.

I've watched the show for years and years but still am not inured
And hope in vain each Friday night the poor eye will be cured
But, in truth, I'd likely miss it, so for now a toast I'll drink
To Wall Street Week forever -- and that never-ending wink.

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