Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Happy Dances Happening

by Hunzi

I wrote a check this weekend to pay off two small credit card debts. I was happy to do it, but I was even happier to read some of the inspiring stories on the Credit Card message board.

First, Warren (DieselTech) announced his freedom from debt, and then everyone began a Credit Card board tradition: the Happy Dance.

The Happy Dance is the community's way to celebrate a victory over debt. We all feel thrilled when someone announces they have paid off a credit card, or have taken a step toward slaying the debt dragon. The whole board lights up with congratulatory posts. We are all genuinely happy.

Warren later posted a link to a picture of the little paper he used to track his two year journey to his goal. It was tattered and well used. He had made notes on it explaining small upward trends, and happy notes pointing to the rapid drops. It was cute. He had mentioned using it, in prior postings, and had inspired me to work up a little status report in Money99 to check on my progress each month. It really does feel good to see even small steps towards being debt free.

Then to add to the excitement, Chuck (babyfrog) posted a testimonial about how The Motley Fool had helped him reach his goal, taking the time to share his step-by-step process to becoming debt free. In part, he said:

"My heartfelt appreciation goes out to all in Fooldom who have made this possible. Your advice, suggestions, stories, and testimonials to your individual successes were what gave me the determination and information I needed to pull myself out of trouble. A year ago, I did not think I could have pulled off this turnaround, especially not this quickly. I firmly believe that the Motley Fool is the best free education available anywhere. My most sincere thanks go out to you. "

I think it is people like Chuck and Warren who take the time to share their successes and ideas that make the Credit Card board such a powerful community. So as I handed the postman the bills today carrying the final payments to my small steps towards debt freedom, I celebrated my small victory.

In Warren's words, "Slowly, the figure up on the hill begins to dance. It looks like a happy dance."

[For more on getting out of debt, visit the Fool's credit and debt center.]

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