Tuesday, July 6, 1999

I Got 'Em!

by TigerTim

"I got 'em!" I yelled as I dove on the floor falling on my knees and elbows trying to catch the cat. My index finger touched the tail but it got away! I ran over to the table and it was on the opposite side watching my feet, anticipating which way I was going to go. I ran right and so did he, so I quickly reversed and so did he! I took three steps back and ran forward trying to get over the table quickly enough to grab him. I slid across the table and rolled off head-first landing on my hands. The cat ran into a different room and was probably thinking, "Sucker!"

I went after him in the kitchen. He was on the counter when I walked in. I grabbed at him; he leaped to the floor, at which time I dove and reached as far as I could and I got his foot! I grabbed the other foot and pulled the cat towards me. I shrieked with victory, "I got em!"

That is what it was like locking in a mortgage rate the other day. Just like that. It went up three times in one day. That darn Greenspan, I would like to see him leap over a table to catch a cat!

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