Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Geesh! Haven't I Learned?


Geesh! Here I am, fifty-nine years old. I've been retired for three-plus years -- a time when one is particularly vulnerable to considering what assets you have and how they'll last you for your remaining years. Here I'm concerned what the market is currently doing!

Surely I've learned something regarding how I've gotten here. Haven't I been able to disregard market fluctuations in the past (after a few miscues)? Haven't I found that market timing doesn't work (after a few miscues)? Didn't I learn to buy the market leaders in their niche and to ignore the current "hot stocks" (after a few miscues)?

Oh, yes! I remember now. I should ignore the daily, weekly, monthly fluctuations of the market and do what got me to this place. Certainly it's worked for me. I buy the biggest and the best companies in their industry and then go out and try to improve my golf game.

Hope to shoot 80 tomorrow!

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