Tuesday, September 21, 1999

At Long Last


After a long time perusing the site, and an even longer time waiting for The Equitable to release half my SEP IRA, I took the plunge and invested in my own version of The Foolish Four... and immediately succumbed to constant quote checking in the My Portfolio section of The Fool.

I am 47, and in this for the long haul. However, my unwavering commitment to the buy-and-hold philosophy could not prevent that daily check. And then I did a smart thing: I took a trip to the mountains sans computer. The Market would just have to live without me looking over its shoulder three times a day.

And, you know what? All four of these gigantic corporations ran just fine without me. The sun rose and set, and Western civilization marched on.

I have often heard it said that "The Market must trade on something," and find this to be true, even in the dog days of August. Whether its due to some financial data, the color of Alan Greenspan's tie, or maybe just sunspots, thousands of people buy and sell every day, and money is made and lost. And me? I'm dozing in the hammock, trusting Tom and Dave to remain Foolish. Thanks, fellas, for your reasoned philosophy -- see you at the lake.

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