Thursday, September 30, 1999

Catch the Rainbow


Sunday would have been her 51st birthday. A day to relax, enjoy the grandson, enjoy the family. Maybe take in a movie, or just sit at home and watch TV. Plans for dinner. Plans for a vacation. Hawaii beckoned. Plans for a move. Plans.

Somewhere between 50 and 51 a clot broke loose and stopped her heart. She never woke up. What of all those plans? They dissolved in the stilled blood in her veins and arteries. Time stopped for her in that instant. Plans made and shared came to naught for her and for her survivors.

We still make plans, and we still hope to carry them out, but we are ever mindful that the roses not smelled today may not be there tomorrow. Or, the roses may be there, and we may not. Such is the fickle nature of "the future."

What is the future but a glittering rainbow? Shall we spend our lives chasing the elusive pot of gold that lies at its foot? When we get the gold, we can sit back, relax and watch all the new rainbows to come our way.

Or, shall we stop our headlong rush and take in its wondrous, colorful beauty? Without the sun, we have no rainbows. What if our sun never comes up? Hers did not. Will yours? I hope so, but that rainbow is up there only today. That rainbow will never come again. Neither will each moment of your life, lived fully or not.

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