Monday, October 18, 1999

Maybe You Can't Teach An Old Dog...


I discovered The Fool in mid-1997 and started investing Foolishly in January 1998 with the Foolish Four, Keystone 10, and a portfolio of my own. I did pretty good until summer, then became frightened and sold everything.

I sat on the sidelines until mid-September and then dove back into the market. At year's end, my combined portfolios were up 24.9%. Not bad, but I could have done better if I had stayed fully invested.

This year's portfolios were set-up the week between Christmas and New Year's Day and included Peg 5, Spark 5, Keystone 10, and a portfolio with my special picks. By the end of February, I think I was up about 25%. Then the Market Gyrations started and I listened to "The Talking Heads" too much and sold my positions. By this time, I had given up ALL my paper profits and had actually lost money!

I am back in the market now, but my combined portfolios are down approximately 18%. If I would have held my original positions I would be UP (teary eyed) approximately 25%.

Moral of the story: Invest Foolishly, not foolishly.

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