Monday, October 25, 1999

Use Your Blinker

By Dennis Chugh (BigShoes)

What do you suppose is the most annoying driving habit? No, it's not when people fail to use their turn signal when switching lanes. (That's number 2.) It's those drivers who speed and cut you off. You know the type� well, I can tell you it's not my 89-year-old grandmother or her cronies.

What I find most interesting about this group of speeders is that they never seem to get anywhere. Ever notice that? They zoom past you, around you, and sometimes they cut you off. But all they ever seem to accomplish is to get to the stop light first. And how often do you find yourself arriving at that same red light when it turns green and you just drive right through, leaving that "cutter offer" sitting there? That's often my experience.

I thought about this and realized this situation is not unlike those "investors" who trade frequently or daily. They're so content with a quick profit that they never seem to see the benefits of long-term investing. Whereas the person that drives at a reasonable speed and makes it through the intersection just after the light turns green is like a long-term investor with patience. These are the people with long-term perspective. They're the ones who show insight and choose to invest safely and with a level head.

So, drive carefully, buckle up, have patience and you'll get where you're going -- probably sooner and certainly safer. Oh yeah, don't forget to signal!

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