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Thursday, November 11, 1999

The Yin and Yang of the Dollar

By disneyfan

I sometimes wonder if I work in the wrong industry, and then I realize that I love my job. I work in the tourism industry, yet I am one of the rare people in this world who is utterly fascinated by the way money moves -- the yin and yang of the dollar and the cent.

I will sometimes stand next to a cash register in a department store for longer than is normal just watching and analyzing purchases. I sit there and think, how can I make Consumer A buy more of Product B, which has a higher margin? The odd thing about all of this is I should not care how that department store does. Chances are I don't own stock in it or it is a privately held company.

But it fascinates me. Why is this? I have yet to find an answer, but perhaps it is my Foolish logic working overtime. If I can see how things work firsthand and how the
little details are answered and handled, then I can make a good decision on whether it is a good company to invest in or not. I want to know why Company C puts product A there when they would be much better placing it next to the register. Then I will buy (the company, not the product or the register).

The moral of the story: look at the little details, get your hands dirty, then you will truly understand why things work the way they do.

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