Fribble Friday, January 7, 2000

A Year of Foolish Feasts

By TMF Dawn (aka dawnc)

To many Fools, December 15, 1999 was just another day among the holiday chaos. To a group of California Fools, the date marks a milestone.

On December 15th, Fools from Orange County, California (along with an LA Fool) gathered to meet for dinner as we have every month since January 1999. We have had as many as 15 Fools, as few as 5. We have had visitors from far away and have met Fools in own backyard. Each and every dinner we have had a great time.

What could bring a group of Fools to meet every month? The friendships we have formed. The sense of community we share. The dinners give us the opportunity to meet the person behind the screen name. We have the chance to discuss Foolishness with those who know -- or want to know. We have welcomed newcomers into the group as part of the family. We have discovered new areas of the Fool by discussing our favorite boards. We have debated our favorite stocks, investment styles, what we look for in a company. We have gotten to know each other better by introducing family and friends.

There is a great group of Fools near you, too -- you just need to find them. Start at the Folly in 50 States folder. Find your state and post. Next year at this time, I'd like to hear from all of the other Fools celebrating their first Foolish Feast Group milestone!

To all the OC area Fools -- see you this month!