Fribble Thursday, January 20, 2000

As the Days Go By

By Paul Leone (

I received a Motley Fool Calendar for Christmas this year. The truth be told, as I gaze upon the few gifts I received, it appears that this 365-some-odd-page compilation of investment pearls of wisdom may turn out to be the best gift of all.

You see, I fancy myself a day trader. Unfortunately, I spend more time surfing the Web, rather than clicking in trades. After a full year, I now know all the online investment advice sites, all the pen pal and personal sites, and, yes, I have ventured at times into those steamy sites that require you to say "I accept" to lines of legalize that I am sure no one either over or under the age of 21 has taken the time to read.

And what do I have to show for it? Not much. So now I have another oracle at my disposal. Yes, my Motley Fool Calendar to point me, goad me, and cajole me to make the right investment decisions, at the right times, by selecting that right investment option for my particular strategy based on my personal financial profile.

Ah yes, just what I need -- more advice. My apologies to the Fools, but pay attention now because here comes the simplest advice of all. The mind is fuzzy regarding the origin of this advice. Perhaps a human whispered it in my ear, or a site downloaded this pearl ever so slowly onto my screen, or maybe -- just maybe -- I read it somewhere in a book or magazine. I doubt it was the latter.

Is anyone still with me? Here it is: Stocks always seem to go lower much faster than they go higher. So fight your ego and cut your losses quickly, or you'll be treading water surfing the personals and waiting for that sure thing you researched to at least come back to the price you paid for it.

I'm not yet sure what day of the year my new Motley Fool calendar will drop this advice on me (I hate reading ahead), but I'm sure my calendar won't disappoint.