A Long-Awaited Thrill [Fribble] February 16, 2000

Fribble A Long-Awaited Thrill

February 16, 2000

Yesterday, I had a profoundly thrilling experience: I paid some bills. I know this doesn't sound like a major thrill to most people, but, you see, the thing is -- it wasn't even payday!

How vividly I remember those too-recent days when the bills would pile up in a stack, waiting for the next payday because my checking account balance was down to less than -- well, sometimes it was down to the single digits.

Depressing and discouraging? You bet. I remember well the anxious process of noting due dates and calculating time for the mail to get there, time for funds to clear, and all those stress-producing things that were beyond my control.

But now my debts are paid off, the mortgage is paid off, and I have money automatically transferred to savings and investments every payday -- and I can pay bills whenever I have a few spare minutes and stamps are available.

Gad -- I feel rich!