Voice Your Opinion [Fribble] March 7, 2000

Fribble Voice Your Opinion

By Joann Floyd (TMF Hunzi)
March 7, 2000

There's a place where you can discuss everything from The Value of Education to Foolish Golf Tips. It's Speaker's Corner, the special part of The Motley Fool Message Boards where you can request your own message board and set your own agenda for discussion. Have you ever wished you had your own personal soapbox? This is the place! Any registered Fool can open a board by
simply asking for one and agreeing to abide by a few rules.

I discovered Speaker's Corner shortly after it was created, when I was browsing though the message board listings. I like to look occasionally and see what new boards have formed and add a few to my favorites on the My Fool page. I even discovered several boards I already had on my favorites list had been relocated there as well.

One of the coolest things about Speaker's Corner is the variety of interests. You don't have to create a board to find something interesting to discuss. Would you like to learn more about the intricacies of broadband technology? Try Rat's Broadband Bandwagon. If you are interested in personal investment philosophies, there is an abundance of different boards available. Ahlgren Economics has a style focused on valuing companies. I love to read there, since I'm still trying to master the concepts like free cash flow and it doesn't hurt to mix in a little humor to keep me from running away screaming. Gumpster's Grove has been tracking two separate hypothetical portfolios. Christian Fools are discussing how personal faith affects investment strategies. The Retire Early Home Page shares ideas on investing and living with early retirement.

Looking for some personal support to back up those New Year's resolutions? There are some incredibly supportive groups ready to tackle quitting smoking, losing weight, and getting organized. The Fools Fighting Fat group has even organized a virtual walk/run through Oregon, complete with ways to convert exercises other than running into equivalent mileage.

There are also discussion boards for Fools with similar situations. Stay at home parents face some unique challenges. Fools with very large portfolios have concerns that may be addressed at Millionaire Fools, while Fools investing on small incomes might find Poor People Can Invest Too of

There are quite a few places at Speaker's Corner for friends to get together and just chat. Foolishgirl's Fun House, Lou2's Life, and Selena's Salon fit the bill. At my own board, Hunzi's Ironing Board ;-), we've been discussing our goals and resolutions for this year, and just sharing some lighthearted banter.

So what are you waiting for? Find a board that grabs your interest, or if there isn't one, create a board that does. All you need to do is be a registered Fool, request a board, tell the world what your board is about in your first post and agree to the Fool's community rules. It's pretty simple. You'll find all sorts of interesting people and things to discuss just around the Corner.