Product Placement [Fribble] March 22, 2000

Fribble Product Placement

By (Sara Burns)
March 22, 2000

I often drive by my Mom's headstone in the cemetery. Sometimes she's with me and sometimes she's not.

My Mom's not dead. But she likes friends and relatives to go admire that nicely carved granite headstone. Whenever she has visitors from out-of-town, her headstone is on the tour of local attractions, right after Eskimo Joe's and just before the golf course. I personally just like to make sure that second date (the date of death, that is) hasn't been carved in, a la Owen Meany.

Speaking of headstones, when I was growing up I can't recall ever seeing a monument company. I never knew, or even considered, where headstones came from. But when I moved to Oklahoma, my neighbors had their own monument "showroom" right out in their front yard. Months after the proprietors had gone out of business and removed the neat rows of blank headstones, a visiting nephew asked "Where did your neighbor's cemetery go?" I completely understood what he meant -- it was a logical assumption.

I'd like to offer some advice to the owners of monument companies that display their selection of decorative headstones alongside the road. That display strategy is effective to a point, but you can do even more than that to move that merchandise.

Take a cue from the billboard and signage people and stencil in the following phrase on all your headstones: "Your Name Here."