Dog Bites Street [Fribble] April 18, 2000

Fribble Dog Bites Street

By (Tim Lewis)
April 18, 2000

Can my housemate's dog beat the Wise? Recently some friends and I created a few imaginary portfolios. The idea was that we'd see how we would have done had we bought those "stocks we wish we'd bought." (So far I've got an imaginary 35% gain on my imaginary AMD stock, and imaginary losses on other stocks that leave me at break even).

While doing this, I thought about how the Wise usually underperform the market. I wondered if my housemate's dog, Coby, could beat Wall Street. So I've added a portfolio for Coby to that of mine and my two friends.

Since Coby has trouble typing (she's still learning), I decided that she could choose the stocks, and I'd do the dirty work of typing them in. Well, the stocks she chose were: PETC, FOGD, BDOG, HDOGE.OB, and HDOGX. Since I can't speak "Dog" yet (I'm still learning), I have no idea what her investment criteria were (heck, one of them is a penny stock -- yuk). For all I know, she picked them at random, or perhaps because some of them make dog food, or have "DOG" in the ticker symbol. Either way, she seemed happy with them, so that's good enough for me.

Well, it will be interesting to see how Coby fairs over the next 12 months. Can she beat Wall Street? I'll let you know.