Use What You Buy [Fribble] May 11, 2000

Fribble Use What You Buy

By Mike Cannon (
May 11, 2000

One day when I was about six, my father set the drainage ditch on fire. He wanted to try out his Mighty Midget Fire Extinguisher. Luckily for our neighborhood and all the woodland critters lurking amid our suburban outpost, the stubby red canister contained enough foam to save us. It was a hot, crackling summer.

There were many other such episodes over the years, but it would be silly to go into detail about those. After all, there is a point to be made here. Never set your yard on fire. Wait, that's not it. Oh, buy what you know and use what you buy. Yeah, that's it. Here's how:

Mother's Day is coming up. What better opportunity is there to try out some of that Cisco you've been buying? Mom's network is in danger of getting overworked by all those Bluemountaingreetings you and the rest of her brood have been sending her. For goodness sake, send a router her way, maybe even a switch. I'm sure they have a gift wrap department at Cisco (or at least are planning on buying one).

If you're a dad, consider taking your little boy fishing. Keep in mind, though, that the little tyke might have a tough time getting those big catfish and marlins into the boat. Be a good dad and give him a VerticalNet. He'll be grinning ear to ear because of your intrepid B2B solution!

All right, I got a little off the mark there. Back to the flaming yard analogy and the Mighty Midget. In my family, stocks weren't our thing; multilevel marketing was the ticket. (It was the ''70s, dude -- Amway and paneling were de rigeur.) We had Mighty Midgets, dehydrated borscht and other tasty soups, and plenty of cushioned shoe inserts.

If the dreaded nuclear apocalypse were to arrive, we could put out the fire, stand comfortably for hours in the concrete fallout shelter, and enjoy simmering mugs of brackish gruel.

Woo hoo! Buy what you know and use what you buy.