Daily Fribble: The Insult of Penny Stock Tip Spam [Fribble] May 16, 2000

Fribble Daily Fribble: The Insult of Penny Stock Tip Spam

By Mark Owens (
May 16, 2000

I have been a Fool for four months now.

I've had my TMF name for only three of those, so I'm still very new to Fooldom. I know I have a lot to learn, and it will be a while before I will feel as though I can contribute meaningfully to the Foolish online community.

I am getting my credit card debt under control and cutting spending in unnecessary places. I am paying off some costly mistakes. (Never move across country and forget to change your ISP dial-up number. That mistake cost me upwards of $3000 in the two months my error went unnoticed! Someday, I'll look back on that blunder, laugh nervously, and change the subject.) I have a lot to learn, but I also feel like I've learned a lot.

That's why a recent piece of spam actually offended me.

I got this spam from some "hot stock tip" company about a stock that had just risen to $6 and looked to rise to $9. It was traded over the counter. Basically, I was getting a penny stock tip from some shyster company that thought I was foolish (lower case) enough to do this sort of thing.

Now, maybe this is unfair. There are many intelligent people who would put their money into this stock based on this recommendation alone. It is not my intent to denigrate anyone, but I still felt insulted by the proposition. I suppose instead of feeling insulted by the spam, I should be proud that my financial education is coming along so well. I now know enough about the stock market -- well before I am ready to invest even a dime of my own money -- to avoid pitfalls like this.

I should think to myself how much more prepared I'll be when I can do my happy dances and finally begin investing in my future, instead of paying for mistakes from the past.