The Sacred Right to Vote [Fribble] May 26, 2000

Fribble The Sacred Right to Vote

By David A. Dickerson (
May 26, 2000

At 6:00 a.m. Central Time, our polls opened for voting.

This happens every year about this time. As a former elected official and political activist, I always looked forward to this day. Today was more special. It was the first voting experience for my older son.

He has been exposed to the process since diaper days, but today was different. He participated in the process that he had heard so much about. When he exited the booth, he had a look of satisfaction: He had chosen the person that he thought needed to be elected.

I knew better than to ask for whom he voted (some things are sacred), so I just watched his face. This kid was excited to have cast that first ballot! When we arrived at work, he told a couple of people that he had already voted! He was experienced!

Maybe we can figure out a way to regain our youthful enthusiasm about elections. I hope so.

I sure want to see the same look that was on my boy's face on other people.