Ms. Muffet Redux [Fribble] June 1, 2000

Fribble Ms. Muffet Redux

June 1, 2000

Yittle Ms Muffet
Sat on her tuffet
Bleeding red ink
Like a champ.

When along came the spider
Who sat down beside her
And said: "Welcome
Toots, to bear camp.

All them high tech dot flyers
Are making you all look like liars
And the hundred year
Trend's at an end."

But our Ms gave a shrug
And took a swipe at the bug
And said: "This game's hardly over
My friend.

Though the market's unstable
I still should be able
To snag
A nice profit or two.

But right now I'm unable
To put bets on the table
Without a sign that the decline
Is through."

Said the bug to our lass
"You'll lose your sweet a**
Buy and hold is the thing
That you do."

"Stick your lip in your ear
It's just the trend is unclear
This thing MUST be
Bottoming soon.

Then I'll redeploy funds
When the Naz starts to run
And once again roars
Ahead to the moon."

But as the bug hopped down
And alit on the ground
To himself
He silently grinned.

And thought once again
That he cared not
Of the trend
Due to the index fund he was in.