Congratulations, Class of 2000 [Fribble] June 9, 2000

Fribble Congratulations, Class of 2000

By John Fuchs (
June 9, 2000

My twin brother is a teacher at a local high school and wanted to recognize some of the computer science grads with awards. He kept talking about awarding a computer, or computer-related hardware. Although I am a computer person, I had something more Foolish in mind.

A regular at the Fool, I knew that offer DRIPS (Dividend Re-Investment Plans) in several no-fee stocks. Being the older brother by 3 minutes, I convinced him that Intel, Coke, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Cracker Barrel, and Xerox would be better awards. I also agreed to post the awards on the Web page WWW.ItsYourFuture.HomePage.Com and to announce them. Here is part of my speech:

"Tonight's awards are a little different, because we want to continue education in a new field that was never really taught in most schools. That is: what to do with that first paycheck? This education is about learning how to manage money so that it does not manage you; about learning that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world and that the choices that you make today will be with you well into the future. It is about investing in your future instead of borrowing from it to pay for the present. Investing involves the smallest of steps but can yield the largest of returns. The awards tonight are about investing, and the recipients will be taking the first small steps towards their goals.

This may be a goal of not living paycheck-to-paycheck, or of obtaining financial independence. Whatever your goals are, we wish the Class of 2000 the very best."

Okay, the actual speech wasn't as smooth as glass, but I got my point across and amazed the audience when I said that the collective portfolio of the 8 DRIP awards will be worth around $50,000 when the students reach the ripe old age of 48 (assuming a 15% return). I am actually using the Fool's Portfolio to track the Class of 2000's DRIP Stocks. If only I could convince the school to give me a $50K tax deduction!

As an early birthday present, I also gave my brother, Phil, a DRIP in Intel and introduced him to As the Foolish Web ads say: "Welcome, Phil."