exjudge (David Dickerson: lumber@scrtc.com)"> Fool.com: A Taste of Honey (Fribble) July 18, 2000

Fribble A Taste of Honey

By exjudge (David Dickerson: lumber@scrtc.com)
July 18, 2000

I ate honey with my biscuit this morning. Not pasteurized honey, but real stuff from West Virginia mountain hives. It was sweet, gooey, and good.

Yesterday, while enjoying a cold drink of my choice and one of my three or four cigarettes per day (moderation), I watched some Kentucky honey bees gathering nectar from clover blooms in my yard.

The insects can teach us a lot. They work hard, often carrying more than their load for the good of the hive/hill/nest. They don't complain; they gather their harvest, which will feed them and others of their kind. They do it out of instinct or some kind of animal intelligence — I don't know which. They invest time in their own, and each one benefits from the work of all. Evidently they do a good job because the entire hive is fed and there is enough left over for me to enjoy with butter and bread on a Sunday morning.

It is an example that each one of us should follow. Each day we arise with our instinct for survival intact. We work, or we should, and at the end of the day we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We should also spend some time on the other members of the 'hive.' Donations to charity are one form of help, but the gift of money is impersonal sometimes. The really good thing is to gather that nectar by giving some of that most precious gift — time.

Coach a team. Tutor. Invest time in the local historical society's museum. The rewards reaped by hearing 'Coach' yelled by some kid are immeasurable. That first word read by a child is reward aplenty for that time in the library.

We all need to give. Study the honey bee. Work to benefit all of us.