Fribble The Recent Unpleasantness

By Brencor2
August 16, 2000

Oh, the dark days of March were black.
My portfolio took a huge hack.
Down 25 percent in 2 weeks,
I should have listened to more Wise beaks.

They said to get out, that the market was done.
(Of course they had said this since '97.)
The Nasdaq had run too fast.
A correction was sure to come pass.

Right they were (for a change), the correction did come.
The bursting bubble didn't even leave me a crumb.
The Nasdaq has since been afloat,
Rolling up and down like a boat.

My friends said: "You can't sell your stocks.
They're so far down, it will put you in hock."
But I chanted on "Follow the screen,"
And a miracle is what I have seen.

While the "Internet stocks" have stayed down
And my friends are wearing a frown
My own port has recovered quite nicely
'Cause the screens thought that semi's were feisty.

Now my port is back to breakeven,
And I wouldn't even think about leaving.
"Follow the screen" is the mantra to follow
Even when the market seems hollow.

I hope my Fribble has taught you the thought:
It matters not at what price you bought.
What counts is what happens next
And in that I hope we're all blessed.