Fribble The Nest Empties

By Karen Kosoy (TMF
August 25, 2000

My middle son leaves for college this weekend, leaving our nest a little less feathered. As I watch him organize his things, make his plans, and say his final good-byes to his high school friends, I'm left with a feeling of both sadness and pride.

This was the little boy who by age 5 was sneaking downstairs at 6 a.m. to play "Zelda" on the Nintendo. (I remember asking his kindergarten teacher if he talked about Zelda.) He's grown into an incredibly responsible young adult who has created an income-producing website, and has plans to enter the Internet industry with a career in digital media. I just know he will take the world by storm.

When our kids were born, I thought of them as our largest and most valuable investments. As parents, we worked hard, and saved and invested as much as we could in order to provide the life they now enjoy. Unfortunately, The Motley Fool didn't exist back then, so we didn't have the wonderful financial resources that exist today. (New parents should definitely check into our Investing for Kids and Paying for College areas.)

More importantly, we always provided time and guidance, trying hard to "be there" when we were -- or weren't -- needed. My kids grew up knowing that Dad and Mom were self-employed and always worked hard for what was provided. I think they understand that money doesn't come without working for it. Ultimately, I've learned that -- like a financial investment -- nurturing, patience, and time are big parts of successful parenting. I think our investments are beginning to pay off.