Fribble Money Talks

By MrDanT
August 31, 2000

Some people have me for only a day,
These people just use me or give me away;
But others see me as a lifelong tool,
They often go by the simple name Fool.

These Fools are not foolish, because they can see,
That I can increase almost magically;
Except when you listen to counsels of Wise,
I often then meet an untimely demise.

But when I compound I'm a mighty strong force,
And when I'm tax-free I grow stronger, of course;
To make me increase you don't need a degree,
If you just learn to act like a Fool, Foolishly.

These Fools first use me to pay what they owe,
For owing will oftentimes bring one to woe;
Unless what they owe on gains value of course,
Like a house, education, or a well-placed golf course.

Once loan-free, these Fools like to put me away,
They first pay themselves -- on every payday;
This pay to themselves they call an investment,
Though some still wonder where all of the rest went.

Index funds are the place for investments, they found,
Better places for me are so rarely around;
Not to say there are none, you see, I'm not a jerk,
Just finding good ones is a whole lot of work.

Some find good investments and tell other Fools,
But forcing their use isn't in the Fool rules;
Just make your investments and you, too, will see,
How I compound and increase most marvelously.