Fribble Conversations With Granny

By Jon Cheek (
September 19, 2000

Recently, I had the privilege of taking a vacation and spending some time with my 93-year-old Granny. Although she can't get around much anymore, her mind is as sharp as a tack and kept busy with books, newspapers, CNN, and Atlanta Braves baseball. She is definitely the family matriarch: seven children, twelve grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. Granny is important and valuable to me as well as our clan.

Our time together consisted of relaxing in the rocking chairs, reading the papers, discussing current events, and watching a healthy dose of Braves baseball. I don't know what was more distressing to Granny, the current state of our political affairs or the recent Braves losing streak. My bet would be the on the Braves because Granny is more worried that the Braves won't win another World Series before she dies. Besides, according to her, there hasn't been a president worth a hoot since FDR.

Of course, at one point, Granny pulled out the photo albums and I got a review of family history and lore. Did I really look like that in junior high? My uncles look so young in their Navy uniforms!

My whole point? Only once did I ever notice the stock market, and that was when Granny was flipping channels to get to the baseball game. She paused on CNBC and asked if I was making any money. I replied, "Yes, but not enough to retire on yet." And then we quickly turned to the pre-game show.

My time spent with Granny was important, not to be interrupted with calls to a broker or hourly price checks. That is what's great about being Foolish -- invest and forget because there are too many valuable things in life to enjoy.