Fribble Daydreamer, Not Day Trader

By Danny Callis (
September 25, 2000

James Taylor sings it best in his song "The Secret of Life:"

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."

I consider myself to be a professional daydreamer. My experience dates back to early childhood when I daydreamed about flying on a magic flying carpet with a pet monkey. In school my thoughts would wander about one day growing up to play in the NBA. I remember the moments in front of the television during the Olympic games when I would daydream about training for the next four years and representing the U.S. in pursuit of a gold medal. Needless to say, the daydreaming never ceases.

Here in a forum where finance is the game and maybe Wall Street is listening, I wish to proudly say I'm not a day trader. I'm a daydreamer. The companies in my portfolio have history, achievement, and possibility. These are all things a daydreamer can readily identify with.

Day trading is only about the shares of a company. It's about a lot of paperwork prior to tax day. It's about giving Uncle Sam more than is necessary. It's about excessive commissions. It's speculative.

Daydreaming is all about the company you share. It's about tax-free compound growth. It's about making Uncle Sam wait only to get less. It's about "taking time to smell the roses" while the media is in an uproar with all the news covering Wall Street. It's about peace of mind.