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By Deannda L. Neufer (
October 26, 2000

(Sung loosely to the first verse of I'm a Little Teapot, very loosely!)

I'm a little Foolish, yes I am
I watch over my money
And do what I can

I do all my research, yes I do
Before I invest any money
In the stock market coop

I Live Below My Means, the best that I can
I clip all my coupons
And recycle my cans

I wouldn't panic when the stock market drops,
Unless I bought on margin
Then I know I'll lose my socks!

I want to Retire Early; do you think that I can?
If I remain Foolish
It's the start of a good plan

When I want to buy a house, I know where to turn
For advice and ideas
And to be ready to learn

When I've been mistreated by a rep on a binge
I get the Terminator
From Aruba's Isle of Revenge

When I need a good laugh or need more dough,
I head for Hype & Hysteria
For c$bs and a SO?

When my gerbil attacks the cat, which he sometimes will do
I got to the Pet Lovers board
And tell them all too.

When the Dragons come after me, I'm not alone
The Fools Fighting Fat board
Is there just like a home

Yes, I'm a little Foolish, and that is great
They have everything you need,
To enrich, amuse, and educate