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By Charles F. Teague II (
November 1, 2000

At the end of 1998, after spending most of the previous several months taking charge of my finances, and learning about the stock market and personal investing (learning a lot here at the Fool), I got my discount brokerage account, and started
investing for the future (LTBH -- long-term buy and hold).

During 1999, I watched with enthusiasm, and a little bit of jealousy, as the Nasdaq and the Fool's Rule Breaker and Rule Maker portfolios all surpassed my returns.

Near the end of 1999, while researching for this year's investment funds, I decided that I wanted to beat both the Nasdaq and the Rule Breaker. It wasn't so much that I actually planned to throw caution to the wind or to race any particular benchmark. But by setting my goals high, I hoped to make myself consider more options, putting more time and effort in my research, even if I didn't come out ahead of the Nasdaq and the Rule Breaker.

Well, so far 2000 hasn't been quite the year for tech stocks that 1999 was. My portfolio, along with many others, is taking a bit of a hit. I'm still happy with the companies I've selected, and have not sold any stocks, so it's all virtual-losses. But looking at the numbers is more depressing than before April. Still, when I checked my numbers the other day, I found a silver lining:

I'm beating the Rule Breaker (YTD)!

So remember, Fools: Be careful what you wish for! You just might get it.