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By Russ & Amie Fischer (
November 13, 2000

Being involved in Fooldom for a few years now, I look around at work and see my work mates (Investment Gurus) spending many hours a week figuring out their next move. They get the Slick & Glossies, they foolishly (small f) spend their money on newsletters, listen to radio and TV shows, etc. They really believe they are In the mix!

One day I showed the leader of the pack my latest possession: The Motley Fool Investment Guide, freshly signed by the kings of Fools, Tom and Dave Gardner. I told him he should become a Fool and he scoffed (as he usually does), "Who would want to be known as a Fool?" When I said, "I'm a Fool," he just laughed.

Well, how times have changed! Guess who's Foolish now? It gives me great pleasure to hear them talk about listening to The Motley Fool Radio Show. They talk about Tom and Dave on Brinker's radio show, and I also noticed the Fool website bookmarked in financial favorites on the old office PC. (But, they didn't hear it from me, did they?)

Looking at my portfolio, I'm proud to be a Fool and I urge everyone out there to spread the word, because the more you talk about something, the better you understand it yourself.

Most people have a very limited scope on financial matters. You will be helping them, and that in turn helps you. I cannot believe what a great place it can be, right where you are standing. And, it's amazing to find that karma is very powerful.

I thank the brothers Gardner for myself and for the converts here at work. Please accept a tip from my Foolish jester cap!