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Despite similar market caps, Alphabet enjoys a much higher valuation than Apple. What gives?

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2 Things to Watch When SolarCity Corp Reports Earnings

There may be some risks investors aren't considering with SolarCity Corp this quarter.

Why Expedia Inc. Shares Lost 19% in January

After a standout 2015, Expedia shares have pulled back. Is this a buying opportunity?

Is Microsoft Corporation About to Kill One of Its Major Brands?

The Windows-maker could be about to deliver its final Lumia smartphone.

Why Energy Transfer Equity LP Crashed 38% in January

Concerns surrounding its merger with Williams Companies weighed heavily on the company last month.

Facebook's Plans to Kill Twitter Start With the Super Bowl

The introduction of Facebook's Sports Stadium ahead of the Super Bowl speaks to the social media giant's growing ambitions to disrupt Twitter's core use case.

4 Presidential Candidates Who Want to Cut Social Security Benefits For High-Income Earners

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio have all floated the idea that high-income earners should receive less Social Security.

Will 2016 Be Oracle Corporation's Best or Worst Year Yet?

Where will the database giant’s stock head later this year?

Goodbye, CFLs: General Electric's Ditching Them for LED Bulbs

Retaining its Lighting unit as it parts with Appliances, GE goes all in on LEDs.

Why General Motors Thinks U.S. Auto Sales Haven't Peaked

U.S. auto sales hit record levels last year. GM's chief financial officer argues that 2015 wasn't a peak, but rather the beginning of a "plateau", with a few more years of good sales yet to come. Here's his case.

Bernie Sanders' Income Tax Brackets: How Much Would You Owe?

Bernie Sanders' recently unveiled tax proposal calls for a major overhaul to the individual income tax brackets. How would you fare if his plan were implemented?

How Many Americans Don't Have Access to Broadband Internet?

No matter how you define broadband, it's still not available to everyone across the country.

Is Under Armour About to Crush Fitbit?

The athletic apparel giant is about to undertake an aggressive expansion into the market for activity trackers.

If You're in Your 40s, Consider Buying These 3 Stocks

Is it possible to find growth and safety in the same investment? With these outstanding businesses, the answer is yes.

The Average American Taxpayer Who Did This Got a $26,812 Tax Deduction

This break isn't available to everyone, but using it can be a smart move if you qualify.

3 Tax Breaks Homeowners Won't Want to Miss

Owning a home can be costly, but there are a bunch of valuable tax breaks you can enjoy.

Biogen Inc. Takes Aim at Johnson & Johnson

Biogen's Samsung Bioepis has Remicade in its crosshairs.

What to Watch When Infinera Corp. Reports Earnings

From integration updates to margin details, here are the key areas that investors should pay attention to.

Is Gilead Sciences Finally Nearing a Bottom?

The biotech remains a great buy, despite its worrisome start to the new year.

Shares of Incyte Corporation Plummeted in January -- Here's Why

A midstage trial for Incyte came to a grinding halt in January, but the company may have a far bigger concern to contend with down the line.

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