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Great investors are like kids in a candy shop right now, as many of the nation's leading companies are trading for substantial discounts to their 2015 highs.

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Apple, Inc.'s Dividend Is Looking Solid -- Time to Buy?

The company's dividend yield has jumped from 1.5% in to 2.2% in the past 12 months -- and the tech giant is about to announce another dividend increase. Take a look for yourself.

Better Buy: Frontier Communications Corp. vs. Verizon Communications Inc.

It's really no contest. Here's why...

Facebook's Ambitious Plans To Reach 5 Billion Users Hits A Major Roadblock

Finally poking a pin in its seemingly endless momentum, Facebook's recent issues with in India represent arguably the greatest headwind to its ambitious growth goals to date.

Why Did Google Invest $1 Billion in SpaceX?

The company's space aspirations may be bigger than it's letting on.

Cava Mezze Grill: An HR Company That Happens to Sell Delicious Food

Learn more about this rising star in the restaurant sector in an interview with Cava Group CEO Brett Schulman.

Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton's Plans for Obamacare

Plans to strengthen, rather than replace, Obamacare are at the heart of her presidential campaign.

3 Healthcare Stocks I Love

Pfizer, WebMD, and Celgene have what it takes to make for a lasting relationship with investors.

United Parcel Service to Clean Energy Fuels: Let's Make a Deal

What the latest news means for UPS.

Better Buy: Netflix, Inc. vs. Amazon

Two fast-growing companies that have lost about a quarter of the value of their stock prices in 2016 face off in a head-to-head match.

How to Calculate Future Expected Stock Price

By making a few assumptions, we can calculate what price a stock could potentially trade for in the future.

3 Things Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You

Motley Fool contributors help investors figure out what questions they should be asking their money manager.

Nordstrom Has Huge Plans for New York City

The upscale retailer recently provided more details on its upcoming Manhattan flagship store.

Surprise! The U.S. Navy Has a New Ship-Killing Missile

The Navy repurposes Raytheon's most advanced antiaircraft missile for surface warfare.

Why an Unpleasant Social Security Surprise Awaits More Than Half of All Seniors

This aspect of Social Security hasn't been changed since 1983, and it's set to affect more than half of all households that receive Social Security during the 2015 tax season.

3 Things You Need to Know Before Reserving Tesla's Model 3 Next Month

The Model 3 could very well spark blowout demand from mainstream consumers. Keep these important considerations in mind.

Legal Marijuana Sales Could Quadruple by 2020, New Study Shows

According to a new report from ArcView Market Research, legal marijuana sales could grow by 30% per year through 2020.

How Risky Is Charter Stock?

The company is about to get a whole lot bigger, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

Apple, Inc.'s New iPad Air -- What to Expect

In about one month, Apple will likely reveal its newest iPad -- and the device is getting a significant overhaul.

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