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LinkedIn's shares have now lost half their value since the start of the year. Now they look a lot more attractive to this value-driven investor.

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What to Watch When FireEye, Inc. Reports Earnings

These key areas will help determine if the cybersecurity leader's stock can rebound in the days ahead.

Why GoPro, Inc. Stock Popped 10.3% Monday

The action camera maker jumped on a patent license agreement with Microsoft. Here's why.

1 Big Reason I Own Alphabet

Alphabet offers both impressive profitability in online advertising and amazing potential for growth in other bets.

Why Stillwater Mining Company Shares Fell Nearly 24% in January

Stillwater lost nearly a quarter of its value in one month. What gives?

Chipotle's Apology Keeps Costing Shareholders

The baron of burritos will pay for not being open yesterday for lunch in more ways than one.

3 Reasons Why Celgene Corp.'s Stock Dropped 15% in January

Celgene took a bath in January, and not just because the market was shying away from all things biotech.

Why MannKind Corporation's Shares Plunged 31% in January

It was a crazy month for the beaten-down biotech.

Which Tech Companies Spend the Most on Lobbying?

The biggest companies in the world are on the list, and they're spending to win influence on a number of issues.

Instant Analysis: Twitter's Not Changing Its Timeline

When is no news actually news? When it concerns Twitter.

Why First Solar and SunPower Are Winning in Solar

The focus on strong balance sheets and utility scale projects has helped two of the industry's largest companies.

Walt Disney Co. Expands ESPN's Digital Presence in China

The House of Mouse teams up with China’s biggest Internet company.

3 Attractive Income Stocks Whose Dividends Could Double

Want bigger dividend payouts? These three stocks may soon oblige.

Why Royal Gold, Inc. Shares Fell 18% in January

Gold prices are in the dog house, but Royal Gold is a very different animal that deserves a second look

Why Allegheny Technologies Inc. Shares Fell Nearly 17% in January

It's tough to change when the market is moving against you.

Curing Hepatitis C: How Gilead Sciences Plans to Beat Merck

Merck's Zepatier poses a new challenge to Gilead's best-selling drug, but maybe it's not as threatening as some think.

Here's How to Think About the Stock Market Right Now

Great investors are like kids in a candy shop right now, as many of the nation's leading companies are trading for substantial discounts to their 2015 highs.

This Detroit Automaker Recorded a Huge Sales Rebound in World's Largest Automotive Market

Ford's year-over-year sales gains in China were absurd, and record-setting, but GM is still on top in total volume.

Disney World's Least Popular Park Closes Another Attraction

The leading theme-park operator turns a new attraction into a seasonal one, but the timing is lousy at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Why Shares of NuStar Energy L.P. Dropped in January

The drop in energy didn't bypass NuStar Energy L.P. last month.

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