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The Agony of High Returns

Even with a time machine, a lot of people wouldn't want to own the best-performing stocks.

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Peabody Energy Won't Last Long Posting Earnings Results Like This

If Peabody's coal sales can't even pay the bills, how is it going to pay down its $6 billion in debt?

The Apple Watch's Hidden Advantage: Privacy

A new study shows Apple's smartwatch is more secure than other leading wearables.

Where Are Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc's Customers Going?

Winning back the trust of consumers who fled isn't an easy task, but there is reason to believe the Mexican restaurant can succeed.

PepsiCo, Inc. Sees Muted Growth in 2016

The snack and beverage giant closed out 2015 with higher earnings. But in its fourth-quarter 2015 earnings release, management put forward a flat growth scenario for the rest of the current year.

Why Intel Corp. Is Right to Take Gaming Seriously

A look at why this sub-segment of Chipzilla's PC business continues to thrive.

Time to Get Greedy With Boeing Stock

Boeing stock has been pummeled by a weak 2016 earnings forecast and reports of an SEC accounting investigation, yet the company's future is bright.

3 Reasons Vertex Stock Could Fall

It's already been a tough year for Vertex shareholders. Here's a few reasons it could get even worse.

3 Companies That Could Slash Their Dividends

Our contributors think that investors in these stocks might soon see their quarterly payouts shrink.

Jamie Dimon Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is, Per Usual

With shares of JPMorgan Chase down 20% since the end of last year, its CEO stepped up to the plate on Thursday with millions of his own money.

How to Buy and Hold in a Sector That’s Changing Fast

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner explains how long-term investors can think about the technology sector.

AT&T Is Changing Its Tune About 5G Technology

The carrier is about to start testing the next generation of connectivity, after previously being reluctant to even talk about 5G.

Burger King's Hot Dogs Won't Shake Up Shake Shack

BK will introduce frankfurters, but "better burger" chains don't need to worry.

Listener Questions Answered: How to Invest in Tech During Retirement?

How can investors distinguish between game-changing technology and what’s just being over-hyped.

How to Make Your Charitable Donations Count

Hint: You stop passively writing checks and start seeing tangible results.

Is This the Perfect Time to Buy Deere?

Despite a tough short-term outlook, is Deere worth buying for its long-term growth potential?

Republic Services, Inc. Continues to Deliver Steady Results

The refuse and recycling company bumps up its 2016 free cash flow guidance.

3 Things Needed to Make Intrexon's Zika Virus Cure a Success

The Zika virus pandemic potential is growing -- does Intrexon have the best solution?

These 7 Single-Digit P/E Stocks Could Collectively Deliver $600 Billion in Free Cash Flow by 2020

Market volatility got you down? How about seven stocks that collectively could generate $600 billion in free cash flow between 2016 and 2020, average a dividend yield of 3.5%, and trade for a single-digit P/E?

3 Undervalued Big Brand Stocks to Buy Today

These undervalued stocks could reward patient shareholders in the year ahead.

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