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Great investors are like kids in a candy shop right now, as many of the nation's leading companies are trading for substantial discounts to their 2015 highs.

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Why Disney Plunged After Announcing a Record Quarter

For investors, how Disney produced a record quarter was more important as the financial results.

MagicBands: Disney World's Rival May Be Ready to Play

Universal Orlando may be gearing up a response to Disney's MyMagic+ technology and the MagicBand bracelets that make them work.

Ted Cruz's Income Tax Plan: How Much Would You Owe?

Unveiled in October, Ted Cruz's tax plan calls for some major changes. See how it might affect your bottom line.

Retired? 3 Dividend Stocks You Should Consider Buying

These high-quality companies with rock-solid dividends are great ideas for investors in their golden years.

3 Underappreciated Healthcare Stocks I Still Love

Depomed, Amicus Therapeutics, and Portola Pharmaceuticals shares have been hit hard, but this Fool thinks they're still captivating investment ideas.

Are You Taking Advantage of These Roth IRA Perks?

Roth IRAs can be used to help pay for college and a new home, and they can also help you pass along more money to your family.

This Chart Shows One Big Failure of Obamacare

Healthcare costs continue to force many Americans to delay getting healthcare.

The Average American Got a $5,343 Tax Deduction By Doing This

Not only is it the right thing to do, it can save you money at tax time.

Why Skyworks Solutions Fell 10% in January

Fears of an iPhone slowdown and increasing competition from Qualcomm spurred an investor sell-off.

How You’re Paying for Social Security's Latest Bailout

Social Security's latest bailout is a rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul strategy that kicks the can down the road and raises the cost of any long-term fix.

9 Facts You Should Know About Keurig

The company that changed how Americans drink coffee is being taken private.

Need Income in Retirement? Here are 3 Ways to Get More

It's all about putting your assets to the best use.

Will Americans Get "Berned" by Sanders' Tax Plan?

Sanders' plans tax increases on the wealthy to cover costs for Medicare for all.

Average Tax Refunds Are the Biggest and Smallest in These States

Residents in some states managed to snag average tax refunds north of $3,000 in 2014, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

How to Calculate Net Revenue Interest for Oil & Gas

Net revenue interest is a pretty important part of understanding how oil and gas producers make a buck.

How to Calculate Monthly Accumulated Depreciation

Depreciation can be calculated on a monthly basis by two different methods.

Can You Do an In-Kind Transfer Into an IRA?

The answer depends on where the investment asset is coming from.

Can Dividends Be Paid in Excess of Retained Earnings?

Understanding when a company can't make a dividend payment can be crucial at times of financial stress.

The Significance of Negative Returns on Shareholders' Equity

Many companies lose money, but it's important to understand why before you make an investment decision.

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