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Great investors are like kids in a candy shop right now, as many of the nation's leading companies are trading for substantial discounts to their 2015 highs.

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What Is the Difference Between Equity and Bonds in a Stock Portfolio?

Knowing investing terminology is important to understanding your investments.

Don't Try and Pick The Next Tech Mega-Trend, Do This Instead

Motley Fool co-Founder David Gardner shares his insights on how to invest in the future of technology.

3 Things You Need to Know About 529 Savings Plans

These tax-free savings plans can be a great way to help pay for your children's college education, but you'll want to do some studying yourself before you pick one.

Here Is Ben Carson's Social Security Plan

The Republican Presidential candidate advocates for increasing the age at which Americans can receive Social Security.

Tax-Deferred Annuity Taxation Rules

Annuities have unusual tax characteristics, but they come with some pitfalls as well.

How to Calculate a 401(k) Annual Return

Knowing your performance is essential to stay on track for retirement.

Car and Driver: Tesla Model S Is "Clear Winner" in Hands-Free Driving

The electric-car maker's four-month -old software update for semi-autonomous driving just crushed the competition.

3 Products That Could Return GoPro to Growth in 2016

After a bad quarter, new products could set GoPro up for a genuine recovery.

Last Week's Best Healthcare ETF

It was another rough week for the the markets and the healthcare sector in general, but this one healthcare ETF managed to post a gain.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Repay Your Kids' College Loans

And why you shouldn't feel guilty about it, either.

5 Reasons the IRS Will Waive Early Withdrawal Penalties for Your IRA

You may be paying an unnecessary IRA penalty if you meet one of these guidelines!

Dr. Dre to Star and Produce -- in an Apple Original?

You've probably heard about the growing popularity of Netflix originals -- and maybe even watched a few. But what about this?

The Good and the Bad in Cisco Systems' Earnings Report

The networking giant posted a solid quarter, but there were some weak areas that investors should keep an eye on.

What to Watch When Devon Energy Corp. Reports Earnings

The oil and gas producer is expected to report on Tuesday after the market closes.

Why Carl Icahn's Pep Boys Purchase Is Brilliant

The infamous corporate raider won his fight to acquire the auto parts retailer.

Social Security 2016: Cruz vs. Rubio

These two leading candidates have different ideas on how to save Social Security. Here's what you need to know...

Twitter's Woes in 90 Seconds

Investors aren't happy with Twitter -- here's why.

The 2016 Federal Budget: Where the Money Really Goes

Where did the more than $3.8 trillion apportioned in the federal budget for fiscal 2016 wind up? Wonder no more...

3 States Where Obamacare Enrollment Grew by at Least 34% (1 Is a Really Big Surprise)

Obamacare enrollment in 2016 grew between 34% and 43% in these three states -- find out how they delivered such impressive enrollment growth.

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