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The Agony of High Returns

Even with a time machine, a lot of people wouldn't want to own the best-performing stocks.

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NuVasive Sees Faster Sales Growth Following Ellipse Acquisition

Earnings also came in better than expected for the spinal surgery equipment specialist.

What Investors Should Look For in Company Leadership

Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner discusses what tendencies in CEOs point to success for their enterprises.

Is This a Reason to Panic About Your Retirement Plan?

Even if it may no longer be 100% reliable, the 4% rule still gives you a great foundation for your retirement plan.

Social Security: Why the Average American Will Pay More Taxes on Benefits

There's a simple reason why taxes will go up in the future. Find out what it is and what you can do about it.

Zillow Group, Inc. Earnings Reveal What's Holding It Back

Zillow's fourth quarter exceeded expectations, but a lawsuit from News Corp. is pulling precious resources aside.

Can the Happy Holidays Continue for Akamai Technologies, Inc.?

The content-delivery giant saw much more video traffic than expected in the holiday quarter, halting a grim stock slide. What's next?

Difference Between Assets and Plant Assets

Plant assets are a specific type of asset on a company's balance sheet.

How to Calculate the Present Value of Free Cash Flow

Here's how to calculate the present value of free cash flows with a simple example.

Tax-Adjusted Basis Vs. Book-Adjusted Basis

Not all reporting is created equal.

What’s the Difference Between Operating Cycle and Cash Cycle

There's a fair amount of overlap, but each cycle serves its purpose.

Redeemable Shares vs. Convertible Shares

Here's what you need to know about these varieties of preferred stock.

Finally: Twitter, Inc. Wants to Show You the Best Tweets First

Why did it take so long?

Roth IRA vs. 529 for College Savings

Both of these accounts can help you save for college expenses, but which is right for you?

Tesla Motors Inc. and TripAdvisor Soar as Stocks Slump

Fourth-quarter earnings reports sent these stocks higher while broader indexes fell sharply.

After a Solid Quarter, Pandora Media, Inc. Is Investing in Its Future

The music-streaming specialist revealed an ambitious plan to expand its addressable market. Here's what investors need to know., Inc. More Than Doubles Share Buyback Program

The e-commerce giant's board of directors apparently believes the stock may be a solid deal after a pullback.

Ellie Mae Earnings Stay Strong Going Into 2016

The mortgage-processing software company hasn't seen any sluggishness among its loan-provider clients.

Why Centurylink, Inc. Jumped on Thursday

Solid broadband sales, and a resurgent TV service, helped the regional telecom beat the Street in the fourth quarter.

WhiteWave Foods Co. Reports Big Sales and Profits Growth in 2015: Key Earnings Takeaways

The dairy and dairy alternative-foods company continues to deliver solid growth in key product categories, while also adding to its stable of growth brands.

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