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These three companies have strong business models that will stand the test of time.

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The Real Reason Elon Musk Won't Merge Tesla With SpaceX

What do you get when you cross a Tesla Model S with a SpaceX rocket?

You'll Be Shocked That Most People Don't Know These 4 Things About Social Security

A majority of pre-retirees have little knowledge of these important Social Security rules.

What Home Depot Inc. Has to Say About the Housing Market, Online Rivals, and More

The retailer posted market-thumping growth in Q2 and sees continued sales and profit gains ahead.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Medicare

It's important know enough about Medicare to be able to make smart decisions regarding it. Here are five ways that you can maximize your Medicare, in part by using it proactively instead of reactively, after you're already sick.

I Tracked Every Car-Related Expense for 3 Years. Here's What I Learned

What began as a nerdy habit may be able to help you gain insight into the financial implications of car ownership.

Billionaire George Soros' Fund Dumped These 3 Biotech Holdings. Should You?

George Soros' namesake fund dumped its entire holdings in the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund, Gilead Sciences, and Novavax.

Could These Be the 3 Worst Drip Stocks?

Paying high fees isn't the recipe for success for long-term dividend investors.

12.5 Million Americans Face This Crucial Retirement Choice Each Year

Chances are good you'll be one of them. Here's how to think about this big decision.

Is the Department of Justice Killing Obamacare?

Could federal opposition to Aetna's merger with Humana destroy the crucial healthcare exchanges?

3 Stocks Up Over 1,000% in the Past 5 Years

Medivation, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, and LendingTree have delivered jaw-dropping returns over the past five years.

What Is a Trust Fund?

A trust fund can help you give assets to your loved ones, and can be useful in estate planning.

2016's Best and Worst Cities to Retire In

Thinking of retiring soon? Here's are some cities to consider -- and avoid.

Ready to Retire? Not Until You Read This!

Some people end up retiring before they're ready, which can wreak financial and emotional havoc.

Report: Apple Inc. May Tap Intel Corporation for Future A-Series Chip Manufacturing

Nikkei, citing comments from an industry analyst, reports that Intel could manufacture Apple's custom-designed A-series processors by 2018 or 2019.

Everything You Need to Know About Your First 401(k)

Here's a guide to help you get started with your first employer-sponsored retirement plan.

3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

Investors will want to focus on Lululemon and Ambarella over the next few trading days.

Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds

Here's the difference between index funds and mutual funds and why an index fund will almost certainly be a better investment than an actively managed mutual fund.

Why Does Apple Repurchase So Much Stock?

Apple has emerged as a stock buyback powerhouse in recent years, but why does the company choose to reward its shareholders this way?

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