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Better Buy: McDonald's Corp. vs. Starbucks

Let's pit the country's largest burger chain against the top dog in premium coffee retail.

Here's Why NVIDIA's New Titan X Card Matters for Investors

Its new chip will help the company continue to dominate the gaming market and expand its artificial intelligence ambitions.

WEC Energy Group Turns In Another Solid Quarter

The regulated utility delivers another quarter of modest gains.

The Coca-Cola Co's Not So Secret Formula for the Future

Significant investments in small, upstart beverage companies and cost-cutting initiatives should keep shareholders on board.

PotashCorp Earnings: 3 Key Updates You Can't Miss

Why PotashCorp's second-quarter numbers and 2016 guidance could disappoint.

Pokemon Go's Rise and Fall: A Peter Lynch Case Study

With Nintendo's stock predictably cratering after its recent wild rise, investors would do well to reexamine some timeless investing wisdom from one of the all-time greats.

The Drug-Price War Just Took a Big New Twist

As states and insurers are forced to unlock access to pricey hep-C wonder drugs, the wind may be shifting in favor of biotech and pharma investors.

Under Armour Inc. Profits Slip but the Big Picture Is Still About Growth

Under Armour Inc. reported its 26th quarter of more than 20% revenue growth, but a profit decline had the market selling off. Here's a closer look at what caused Under Armour's profits to fall and what should lift revenue and earnings much higher in years to come.

Acquisitions Fed John Bean Technologies' Strong Second-Quarter Showing

The purveyor of technology solutions to the food and beverage industry -- as well as air transport customers -- is also raising its full-year guidance.

Boeing Co. Earnings: Big Charges Lead to a Big Loss

Boeing recorded $3 billion (before tax) in earnings charges last quarter, but the company's underlying operating performance was fairly good.

Statoil's Earnings Fall Back Into the Loss Column in Q2

Lower production compared to the prior quarter and a little less help from refining and marketing contributed to the reversal of Statoil's fortunes.

Solid Sequencing Array Sales Help Illumina Inc. in Q2

Growth in sequencing array and consumables sales enables this genomic-sequencing leader to post solid Q2 results.

Why Intel Corp.’s Internet of Things Business Slowed Down

Inventory burn hurt second quarter results, but the chip giant says that revenue should rebound in the second half of the year for its small (but growing) IoT segment.

4 Surprising Things GoPro's CEO Just Revealed

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman recently discussed software, smartphones, stock prices, and new products in a recent interview. Here are the four key highlights.

These Are the Least-Liked Social Media Networks

A new report shows that the biggest brands have the most trouble keeping people happy.

Can Sirius XM Stock Keep Hitting New Highs?

The satellite radio provider hits a new 52-week high after a strong quarterly report. Keeping things that way will be challenging.

Better Buy: Shake Shack Inc. vs. Yum! Brands

A comparison between two of the biggest names in the fast food biz.

Tesla Gigafactory Unveiled: An Inside Look

The Motley Fool gets a rare tour of the Gigafactory. Here's a detailed look at Tesla's bet on an electric revolution.

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