Motley Fool financial analyst Matt Koppenheffer got a chance to attend this year's Transact conference in Las Vegas, and get a first look at some of the biggest upcoming innovations in the rapidly growing payments business today. In this video, he gives investors not one, but three of the coolest things coming from the payments space at the moment. Matt looks at Loop, and why this little device could soon make carrying around credit cards a thing of the past. He also tells investors why giving a merchant the ability to process transactions are now table stakes for companies that offer swiping terminals, and the real game now is in offering merchants solutions above and beyond that, further convenience or further data to stand out from the crowd. Finally, Matt highlights a little company called Socure that caught his eye, and how they're trying to revolutionize identity security through data from social media.

Your credit card may soon be completely worthless
The plastic in your wallet is about to go the way of the typewriter, the VCR, and the 8-track tape player. When it does, a handful of investors could stand to get very rich. You can join them -- but you must act now. An eye-opening new presentation reveals the full story on why your credit card is about to be worthless -- and highlights one little-known company sitting at the epicenter of an earth-shaking movement that could hand early investors the kind of profits we haven't seen since the dot-com days. Click here to watch this stunning video.

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