When you get a card with decent perks, such as frequent flyer miles, cash rewards, or discounted merchandise, it is usually accepted that some type of annual fee will be associated with the card. In most cases, between $50 and $200 per year buys you the ability to start racking up the rewards of your choosing.

However, some cards charge much higher fees, which makes us wonder how it could possibly be worth it. What in the world could they give me to justify paying hundreds, or even thousands, of my hard-earned dollars to a credit card company every year before I've even made a purchase?

Here are seven of the most expensive credit cards you can have in your wallet, and some of the perks that come with them. Are any of them really worth it? Depends on how much you'll use the card and how much you really care about the perks and prestige that come with it. If you could get any of these, which would be your choice?

Maybe you shouldn't get any credit card
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