Investment Clubs

Introduction to Investment Clubs

Investment Clubs

What did people who were Fools at heart do before there was a Motley Fool? Well, many of them participated -- and still participate -- in investment clubs.

Investing has long been something that people generally did not discuss amongst themselves. It was perceived as so mysterious and difficult that those without MBAs shouldn't try messing with it, lest they lose their entire nest egg in some silly blunder. Most people just closed their eyes and handed over their life savings to the Suspendered Ones on Wall Street, hoping for the best. Except for a small but growing band of merry investors, that is.

These exceptions to the rule were often members of investment clubs. They met regularly, discussing investing in general and various specific stocks. They pooled their money and plunged into the market. They took control of their own finances and did it... together. In many ways, investment clubs have been a precursor to Fooldom. Indeed, the Motley Fool has been called "the world's largest investment club."

At the core of Foolishness is community. Readers across the globe share thoughts, asking and answering questions in message boards, chats, and featured articles. Communities of Intel investors bat around opinions on the future of personal computing. People interested in Coca-Cola discuss how fast the company can grow and whether the stock is currently a good buy.

If you're intrigued by the time-tested, rewarding tradition of investment clubs, read through the articles in this area and consider whether forming or joining an investment club is something you might want to do.