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If you're looking to revitalize your portfolio, look no further. Our analysts have scoured the market to find stocks that are poised to outperform the market in the coming months. The result: The Motley Fool Select Industry Focus 2002.
You'll discover 18 companies in a variety of industries, companies ranging from small-cap dynamos to dependable blue chips. These companies have proven management teams, real revenues, and large opportunities in the years ahead. They're a great place to start your portfolio planning for 2002.
With Industry Focus, our most popular annual research report in its sixth year of publication, you'll not only find compelling stock ideas for the year ahead, but you will also get the same plain talk and candid analysis that The Motley Fool is known for. We're investors just like you, and our only goal is to help you find the best opportunities in the market in 2002 and beyond.

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