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Avoid the Myths That Can Wreck Your Retirement

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Be on the lookout for some of the most common myths that have crept into most people's retirement plans:

MYTH 1: Plan on needing 80% of your current income to live comfortably in retirement.

MYTH 2: Rely on the "three-legged stool" of Social Security, savings, and pensions to fund your retirement.

MYTH 3: Be 100% allocated in bonds and CDs once you retire.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, most of these common myths no longer hold true. Don't panic, you just need to adjust to today's realities. Enroll in the Rule Your Retirement Online Seminar and swap those myths for a realistic plan built around your needs.

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Retirement Rulebook IncludedOnly available to seminar participants, The Motley Fool's Retirement Rulebook, walks you through the ins and outs of your retirement in the 21st century, leaving you with a realistic action plan for before and after you hang up the chicken suit and call it a career.
  • Plan for your expected and not-so-expected retirement expenses.
  • Develop a realistic picture of your income and investment needs throughout retirement.
  • Augment your nest egg.
  • Rebalance your portfolio to match your risk-reward profile.
  • Take care of your heirs.
  • Really enjoy your retirement.

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