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Facts vs. Fear: Sell for the right reasons

Enroll today, and get the Fool's Investment Report Card to analyze your own holdings. Can they grow into cash cows, or is it time to put them out to pasture? And if you find this $49 seminar isn't worth your investment, you will get a full refund.

Many investors freak out when the market dips. Should you sell now? Hold on? Hunt for bargains? Head for the hills?

Our new online seminar, When to Sell: The Foolish Selling Strategy, will help you make calm, informed choices. Even though it's hard to stay calm in this market. Even though it's hard to stay informed when your life is stressed enough. So what we offer is a practical process for evaluating (and re-evaluating) your holdings.

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Bill Mann (TMF Otter) and Matt Richey (TMF Matt) have created plain-English, no-nonsense techniques to help you make sensible decisions about the companies you're holding now. Use specific filters from When to Sell: The Foolish Selling Strategy to judge real value. When you know what you've got, you'll know what to do with it.

Bill and Matt will be the first to tell you that if you seek the Holy Grail of investing, the magic eight ball of the market, the key to Fort Knox — fugedaboudit. There are no solid-gold, guaranteed techniques to tell you the perfect time to sell a stock.

But there ARE ways to make better-than-average decisions. In When to Sell: The Foolish Selling Strategy, you'll learn how to re-evaluate your personal portfolio. Eight lessons and a custom message board give you solid information about which companies are wise to hold, and which are ripe to let go. We help you:

  • Minimize nostalgia or blind hope as reasons to hold on to stocks
  • Pare down less-attractive holdings to bolster more attractive ones
  • Spotlight which stocks deserve fresh cash
  • Determine when it's time to cut your losses and your gains
  • Sniff out the dogs before they start barking
Any Fool knows that the best way forward is sometimes a tactical retreat. So go ahead — enlist in When to Sell: The Foolish Selling Strategy seminar.

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Retail Price
Seminar Dates
July 18 - Sept. 5
Number of Lessons
Eight (8)
Knowledge Level
Advanced beginners and up (Should know something about the stocks you already have)
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Web Browser
What You Need
Bill Mann,
Matt Richey

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