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About Fool Love Profiles
When you view our Love.Fool.com profiles, you'll notice that they're quite a bit different from other matchmaking services. That's because our dating profiles contain the information that matters most to a successful relationship: financial information.

On each person's bio page you'll find their relevant financial information, including our Foolish "life valuation" chart. This chart plots the last five years of a person's life based on the information that person gives us. If he/she sold a stock for a profit, the graph will rise. If that person accumulated significant debt, the graph will drop. If they lose their job, hold up a hot dog stand, and wind up in prison, it will drop even more. The more data that an applicant provides, the more accurate our valuation.

Beneath the graph, we provide our hypothetical return on investment, which is simply the percentage increase of a person's life valuation graph over the last five years. Relative strength indicates our rank of that person with 99 being the highest and 1 the lowest. Just because someone has a low relative strength, however, doesn't necessarily mean that they won't be perfect for you. Think of it, rather, as a general guideline, like the expiration date on milk.

How to Submit Your Profile
If you want your profile to be visible on Love.Fool.com, you'll need to become a paying member of our service. Cost for the initial year is $250 and then $100 for each successive year. If you haven't found a match in five years, you get another month free. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join Love.Fool.com.

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