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Name: MichDude
Home: Grand Rapids, MI
Age: 25
Occupation: Research Assistant
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Education: B.S. in biology
Annual Income: $34,000
Debt: $28,000
Cash: $1,500
Operating Margin: -16.9%
Profit Margin: -20.8%
Price to Earnings: N/A
Annual Return
vs. S&P 500:
Favorite Stocks: I own a mutual fund
Investment Style: None, really... still learning
Note: The life valuation graph is created based on data provided by the individual. It is a graphical representation of their financial well being. The more data the individual provides, the more accurate the graph.
Return on Investment -47%
Relative Strength 19
Jan 98: Volunteer work at national park
May 98: Graduated from Michigan
Aug 99: Court appearance for unpaid parking tickets
Jan 00: Purchased first mutual fund
Oct 01: Sold Amazon stock for 67% loss
My name is Steve, and I work as a research assistant for an enviromental protection agency. I want to help save our planet and keep the earth beautiful for future generations. I'm looking for a nice, friendly woman with a good sense of humor.
Be still my beating heart...
Steve (don't call him Stephen) is a wonderful, kind, and yes attractive person. He's really down to earth and knows what he wants to do with his life, which is rare for someone of his age.
love at first site
I was so sad when Steve turned me down for a second date. Stevie.. if you read this, give me another chance, please! I'll stop smoking.
A great time
Steve is soooooo nice! We had a candlelight dinner on the roof on his apartment...a perfect gentleman.
Steve is a classic case of Internet hype. Don't be swayed by the public's opinions until you take a close look at the numbers. His investment return is mediocre, he faces debt problems, and his earnings potential isn't very appealing. Steer clear of this dog.

Fool Valuation: STRONG AVOID

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